Hi, I'm Andreas Hjortland, I'm a software developer currently working for ACOS AS.

Introducing ngxs message plugin

TLDR; check out the project on github or install it using npm i ngxs-message-plugin / yarn add ngxs-message-plugin. You can also try it out in the iframe below. … continue reading

Delete all but the last n lines in vim

Just a small tidbit. If you ever need to delete all lines from the cursor, except the last n lines in Vim, you can use the ex command … continue reading

Set up fetchmailrc

I have struggled a lot getting my procmailrc to work properly, so I thought I would compile what I have learned now that it actually works. A small disclaimer though: A more thorough reference is here, and almost all the information I have here came from that page, but I have also used some tutorials scattered across the internet if it was something I didn’t really understand. … continue reading